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Carol Edward's OCD topic store brings to you her tutorials that discuss obsessive compulsive disorder and related conditions. Her material is professionally researched and updated regularly.  Please scroll down to learn more about Carol and what she does!


Sept 1994 to PRESENT

Carol Edwards began her career in mental health in 9994 with a certificate for counselling skills. She went on to study autism in schools and later achieved a diploma for "helping in schools" and advocated for students on the autism spectrum. Following this she gained a professional diploma in cognitive behavioural therapy and decided to specialise in obsessive compulsive disorder (and related conditions) in which she gained a further two diplomas in this field. 

Your OCD Study Coach

Carol Edwards began blogging in 2011 and has recently uploaded some of her blogs into this site (see blog page in menu) or go direct to Your OCD Study Coach. This is an educational platform in which readers can gain knowledge about OCD and related problems. Updated information is regularly submitted. 

OCD Topics for Therapists

Most recently, Carol Edwards created this OCD Topic Store for therapists, coaches, mentors and peer support workers; or anyone who is interested in learning how CBT for OCD works.  Carol Edwards understands that the goal of a cognitive behavioural therapist (or other helper) is to deliver. To deliver you need an effective format to work with. Carol's OCD  7-Step format for therapists provides the structure and format to help clients reach their recovery goals (see store). When you use the correct CBT model for OCD, it makes you an expert in your field. Your clients/coachees let others know you have the knowledge to help them recover. Plus, with the right approach and with a relapse prevention blueprint you can help your clients maintain their gains. Not only does Carol Edward's share her expertise, she also shares personal accounts to demonstrate a deeper understanding of living and recovering from OCD and related problems such as misophonia and depersonalisation. See below image and click "learn more" to view Carol Edward's 7-step course and other documents in her OCD topic store.

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