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Various documents come with homework checks. If you require appraisals for these you can submit your assignments in the contact form below. Payment can be made below the contact form. You just need to click the "buy now" link. If you prefer to use e-mail correspondence for submitting material, please see address below contact form.
You can also write a message about anything else, e.g., to ask for further information about Carol Edward's topics, commercial publication, advice and help with homework checks etc. 
To book an affordable chat session please leave a message in the first instance. Thank you, Carol Edwards will get back to you soon to arrange a time.

REPLIES - Typically replies within 24-72 hours.


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For more information about Carol's work or other issue please contact her by writing to her in the contact form above. Or you can e-mail her via the e-mail address in this text box.


Please submit your answers for each homework check via the contact form or through e-mail.

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